Real World.

4 Pillars of Focus

Scientific & analytical expertise

Real world evidence & value generation

Safe & appropriate use of medications

Optimized clinical & commercial position

We promise you:

A tailored and strategic evidence generation approach to meet the specialized needs of your product, patients and market, while satisfying regulatory requirements.

UBC’s services are powered by proprietary technologies built to realize the value of real world data – while delivering meaningful insights to address safety, effectiveness and real world outcomes.

You can promise your patients:

UBC’s dedicated team of scientists and experts are closely monitoring product safety, so that your patients and their care teams can rest assured due diligence is being followed to ensure they are receiving a safe and effective therapy.

We provide a patient-focused experience customized to allow early access to meaningful therapies while minimizing the burden to participate in studies and collect clinical data.

Real Wins

A Small Biotech with a Big Opportunity. And a Bigger Challenge.

Ready to introduce an innovative therapy for a deadly childhood disease, but in need of help to navigate the regulatory approval process, this company turned to UBC.

Services Provided

UBC provided the critical advise and following implementation services in the EU and US:

  • Risk management
  • Payer acceptance
  • Reimbursement services
  • Clinical data capture & analysis
  • Regulatory science

More Info

Ask how UBC guided this biotech's product from proposal to approval. And how we can help you.

Lisa Monette, PharmD

Account Director

Juan Torres, MBA, PMP

Project Manager

A Mid-Sized Manufacturer Has To Take On Big Tasks.

Looking for an EU approval on an innovative new drug, a mid-sized manufacturer has to move forward on the product development lifecycle without an experienced pharma partner. Fortunately, UBC's real world experience guided the mid-sized manufacturer on this journey and provided the critical, honest advise that was necessary to avoid costly pitfalls.

Services Provided

UBC successfully led them through:

  • PASS requirements
  • Registry design & conduct
  • Interpreting & responding to CHMP & PRAC questions & requests

More Info

Ask how UBC guided this biotech's product from proposal to approval. And how we can help you.

Cara Reap

Account Director

Haley Kaplowitz, PhD

Epidemiology, Registries & Risk Management Director

Breadth & Depth In Our Core Services

Real World Evidence & Value

  • Epidemiology
  • Observational research
  • Post authorization studies
  • Patient reported outcomes
  • Strategic advice and application of real world data

Trial Optimization & Recruitment

  • Patient recruitment and retention
  • Physician recruitment
  • Study kit, materials and marketing support
  • Feasibility

Risk management & REMs

  • Consulting & advisory
  • Risk evaluation & mitigation strategies
  • European risk management planning & program evaluation
  • Regulatory sciences

Safety & Signaling

  • Case processing
  • Literature Review
  • QPPV & advisory
  • Safety analytics & reporting
  • Signal detection & refinement
  • Signal investigation
  • Aggregate reports

Late Stage Development

  • Phase IV
  • Phase IIIb
  • Phase II-III
UBC Pathway Mosaic

Within the family of UBC Pathways Technologies, UBC has a Proprietary Real World Evidence and Data Infrastructure technology asset called UBC Pathways Mosaic. This ‘pathways’ architecture was built to address the complexities that surround data sourcing, ingestion, linking, creating common data models, delivering real world infrastructure to be strong stewards of the real world data assets that feed our reporting and analytics engine.

The power of UBC Pathways Mosaic is the scalability and durability of the platform – ensuring that UBC can bring in ‘any data’ from ‘anywhere’ at ‘any time’ – as a flexible business process and data ecosystem to support analytics and insights that drive clinical, commercial, regulatory and outcomes driven decision making.

Connect with UBC

Patrick Lindsay President
Brett Huselton, MBA Senior Vice President, Global Business Development & Strategy
Annette Stemhagen DrPH, FISPE Senior Vice President, Safety, Epidemiology, Registries & Risk Management
Sallyanne Williams, MBA Vice President, Global Clinical Operations
A.K. Gupta Chief Technology Officer